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11 Tips to Save Money on Car Purchases

Owning a car is one of the best assets to have around. If you are planning to own a car, cost is one of the main factors that you should consider, depending on the budget you have set aside. A UK driving test is also needed in order to get the required driving license if you are in UK however. Below are 11 tips that can help you save money as you purchase your car.

1. Research Your Car Ahead of Time

• -Make sure you know the market value of the car you want to purchase before you head out on a car purchase.
• -You may also consider researching on the consumer reports of the same car, which all are available online.

2. Time the Market

• -You can save a lot on your car purchase if you time the market mostly by buying at the end of the month since most salespeople usually operate on a quota system.
• -Since they want to collect some bonuses when they hit certain targets, they are then willing to lower the price of the car.

3. Pay in Cash if Possible

• -Avoid loans if possible. This is because you will be required to pay addition interests to service your loan which translates to an overall higher car price.

4. Compare Prices at Different Dealerships

• -Shop around. Different dealers have different price tags.
• -Look for the price that you have marked to spend on the car.
• -You should also check additional benefits that the dealer could be giving you such as servicing.

5. Consider Choosing the Previous Year’s Model

• -Older models may cost lower than the newer models, and probably have the same features.
• -One year earlier may be as new as the new model.

6. Bargain over the Internet

• -Make internet your friend and negotiate with the different sales representatives.
• -This will give you the advantage to bargain with many dealers at the comfort of your home or office until you get your ideal dealer.

7. Negotiate with your Car Dealer

• -Bargaining is one of the easiest ways to cut the costs of your new car.
• -Visit their offices if possible to have a face to face negotiation on your price and theirs.

8. Use your old Car for trade-in credit

• -Some dealers will allow you to trade with your old car for credit towards the sale of a new vehicle.
• -Other dealers may even accept to trade-in your old car as down payment.

9. Choose used over new

• -Buying a car that is several years old will always give you more space to negotiate and bargain.
• -This will also give you an opportunity to get some of the features you want at lower prices.

10. Read the fine print on the loan

• -It is vital to make sure that you will not be subject for paying off your car faster.

11. As for a deal on maintenance and service of your car

• -Although it might not reflect on the original price tag, having your dealer give you a deal on the service of your car is a good way to save money.
• -Some will give you longer period of service and others can give you up to a year of free maintenance.

Owning a car is a great investment. However, it is always good to check the value of your money. With the above tips, you will be in a position to get the best deals and prices for the car you want or wish to purchase. Remember to also attend a UK driving test if you are in UK, in order to get the needed certification to drive your car around.

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