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How To Make Financial Plan?


Financial planning is one of the necessary steps which you have to taken if you want financial security for you in coming future. How to make financial plan has to be taken very seriously, because your coming years would be totally dependent upon it.

In other words, making financial plan is a gradual process which families or business houses adopt in order to save money to be used in future for various things. Anybody with a regular or irregular source of income, like a person, family, company, etc can make financial plan. It is a concept which is used by several business houses to meet unforeseen conditions such as economic recession etc.

It is really important to learn how to do financial planning because the input and output of a business will be fully dependent on the amount of money available with the business house. There are three basic steps which help to make financial plan s which are estimating and forecasting, budget making, and controlling outflow of finances.


Moreover, making financial plan is a process which any business would never dare to ignore because the success and failure of the business is entirely calculated considering the economic factors. The main things required to make financial plan are defined below:

Estimating and Forecasting: It involves short term and long term forecasting to be done in order eo ensure that the business can run for coming few months, and the coming few years or decades.  The short term planning must include the business’s customer base, its goodwill, expenditure patterns and possibilities in the near future, and various other things which impact the income and expenses. Long-run planning usually a difficult thing, as one might not know about the success and failure of his business in near future. However, with periodical and regular forecasting, one is in better position to be able to carry out a long-run plan successfully.

Preparing a Budget: Preparing a budget is also an important step to make financial plan. Capital budget provides a brief understanding about the predictable expenditure for fixed and capital assets, which are necessary for a business to function. Whereas the cash flow budget have to to be based on the estimated cash flow to forecast financial gain, and expend it suitably as it is received. The operating budget generally forecasts the expenditures and gains.

Controlling the Outflow of Finances: It is of significant importance and very essential to make sure that expenditure does not cross the expected limit and also to decrease the chances of errors and employee breaking and entering. Making financial plan calls for action and to put a limit on the use of machinery which is normally over-used by many employees, and lessening the over-use of office equipment and stationary, electricity, and some other factors, is also a good measure taken for controlling expenditure which supports financial planning.

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